Saturday, 31 October 2009

My place and yours...Blog HQ

It's a great theme for my place and yours at Meet me at Mikes this week from the theme queen Ninon... blog HQ!

This is mine, surrounded with note's, photo's and half finished projects.

(ooo what did I do before Ikea came to town!! not v trendy and cool - but practical all the same!)
See more HQ's at Meet me at Mikes, it's great to see where some of my favourite blogs are created!

Friday, 30 October 2009

something special...

Sky loves to sew, and makes little pictures of her own ( I've posted a few here & there)
She's requested a sewing box of her own for her birthday, so I've bought a beautiful floral tin little suitcase and I'm going to start filling it with lovely things for her to get all creative with.
I found this on Etsy at the - The Small Object.
It's so perfect, and what was lovely , it was so beautifully packaged when it arrived.
It also had a wee laminated calender and a wee photograph,

Aw that's so sweet, I'm going to keep it all in the packaging because it's so lovely!

If anyone has any other ideas or links of things I could put in Sky's sewing box, I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

My creative space...

I've tried to arrange the chaos this week... to look more organized, like the super efficient person I am!
So this is my desk in my studio...

... a little monkey business, a a fabric picture in progress...

... a drawing of a cat family by Skyla which I think is wonderful, the cats look to be on little wheels! and a Cinderella sketch by me, inspired by Skyla's performance as Cinderella at school, I'm thinking it would make a nice screen print if I choose the colours right...

... look you can see the little wheels, my children's drawing are so inspiring!
And some lovely tape I bought from here.

See more creative spaces here at Kootoyoo, join in!
This creative space at V for Violet puts my little humble button jar in the top pic to shame!! and if you like buttons and felt, Tanya is doing a giveaway too! fab!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

What's hot + What's not this week... Halloween!

What's hot n what's not this Halloween week!
Join in at Loobylu's,


The kids are on half term, and we have been busy planning a Halloween tea today for a few of their friends ( which was really hard for them to select because I'd said one friend each, so it ended up being drawn out of a witches hat!)

So the kids have loved planning fab spooky food... with a mother with the culinary skills of ...well...erm.... can't think of anything with no culinary skills! with the Cooking skills of Mrs NO Cooking skills living in No cooking skills towns-ville on pants at cooking street, Number can't cook for toffee unless it's a chili or stir fry house,

SO here's my spider Pizza!! I added the spiders, V PROUD! ( and if you'd seen things I've created in the past, you'd be V proud too!)

.....but nobody ate it!! they only ate the extra plain pizza I did 'just incases'!! ...well bought at the shop!
I wish I'd taken a picture of the pizza when I turned all the spider's mouths upside down to make them sad and said to the kids " all the spiders are sad because you haven't eaten them" ....the kids just laughed and chorused " I don't like olives!!" ( ooooooo you do your foody creative best and it's just not appreciated, I bet Jamie O doesn't have this problem!)...but very funny!

Spending time with the kids trimming up and getting excited!
Playing party games,
making chocolate apples and generally being a kid again myself, lovely!

Crafting with the kids making spiders and bats, blowing up balloons and being silly ( and belly laughing, something I treasure more and more the older I get!!)

Monster Munch, pickled onion flavour, it's a taste's the future!

looking for spooky music on i-tunes and finding The Specials, Ghost town, and getting taken back to my youth in a magical memory way ( how old am I...really!? I was 8 when this was in the "hit parade"!! time to slap on some more Ulay rejuvenate!)


creating pumpkins like these, when I'd actually set my goals higher to....
( apologies for rubbish photo...something to do with 6 kids running around playing ghost tig making me put the camera on the wrong setting..honest) ...

create pumpkins like these!!!...that talented Martha Stewart lass!!....

Oh now, come on...
have you ever tried to scrape the flesh out of a pumpkin with 6 kids high on Haribo jelly sweet and sour worms.... it's hard work let me tell you!

I'm now looking at Martha Stewart again to find out what to do with 3lb of raw pumpkin flesh, and the Thai pumpkin soup's looking hopefull, although after trying to toast the pumpkin seeds.....burning them ... which resulted in them tasting like bits of carbonized cardboard I might pass this one over to my better half who is good at cooking.....Thank goodness!!!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I got chance to finish this fabric artwork, I'm starting to see my little pile of Sketches go down!

We went to see Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs today, it was very surreal but very funny and clever in places and we all had a giggle ( apart from when Sonny Threw up at the popcorn counter because he was choking on the chewing gum Skyla had given him ....mmmmmm, lovely, Mother under control obviously!)
We were torn between fantastic Mr Fox and Cloudy with Meet balls, but the balls had it.


Monday, 26 October 2009

over to our weather reporter....

I've actually started tackling the pile of sketches and personal projects that have been piling up on my desk for a while. If I get them all assembled and ready to sew, I can sit and sew them while me and the girls watch X-factor, hosted by my TV husband Dermot O'Leary.
Lovely jubbly.

Here's our weather presenter, he predicts rain, sunny spells & high winds blowing all the lovely coloured leaves of the trees and a tad more rain for good measure, just in time for the kids half term holidays this week, So a mixture TV, Cinema, walks in the park and some crafting sessions!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Quilt project...

The Quilt project, which I am proud to be a little part of, initiated and organized by Kirsty at Kootoyoo, was shown in Melbourne Australia on Friday night.
This photo is taken from the site that has been created to explain the story behind it, the people involved and the process of creating this wonderful quilt. Wish I could have been there to see it in person, but the beautiful photo's on the Quilt project site are the next best thing!

Fantastic! the power of the Internet bringing all these creative people together, never ever ceases to amaze me!!
And Kirsty's creativity and Passion for the project is wonderfully infectious!
Very proud to have been involved.

p.s... When you go on the 'Digital' quilt part of the site, you can click on the panels and information of the creator will come up..... at the beginning of mine see if you can spot the spelling mistake! Chris peed himself laughing, saying it could be a Freudian slip!!! NOT AT ALL, ... I didn't get my nick-name dyslexic Lise at college for nothing!! My spelling is horrendous to say the you have probably discovered reading this blog....with spell checker!! and my mum is always ringing up to inform me of spelling mistakes like an online teacher!!

I wil trie and improve my speling ... Onest!

Friday, 23 October 2009

My place and yours

Bedside... just as it is now, make up bag, pencil case, note book, empty glass, bangles, photo album, Living etc magazine, Anita Klein book and card on my cill (Italian Angel of lemons) and a book on Thailand, where we went for our honeymoon!....all a bit boring really! maybe you'll find some more windswept and interesting bedsides here at Meet me at Mikes.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

My creative space...

My creative space ( join in at Kootoyoo) is soooo creatively messy and chaotic that I'm tooo embarrassed to show you it properly, the bit where all the action is happening anyway! and is filled with commercial work anyways, (which I can't show you till 2011!!)

The pic above are sketches for me, that are waiting to come to life in either fabric or as a screen print and the sketches seem to be ever growing!

My other creative space today will be my kitchen, where I shall be having high powered meetings by the kettle making hot drinks for me and Lil, who after a mad birthday yesterday ending with school Halloween disco and opening pressie's with us till 10 last night, has woken up this morning coughing, sore throat and full of cold!....very convenient when you have a brand new Nintendo DS with new games ...mmmmmmm (they get very savvy when they turn 10!)

This little sketch is on my desk too, Lil did it for me and I think it's wonderful and plan to adapt it into a screen print and do a whole array of fruity people... Granny smith, Rosie apple, William pear..cherry twins! My kids are such a wonderful inspiration!...even when snotty!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What's Hot + What's not this week...Lil's Birthday!!

I'm joining in with Loobylu's 'Hot n Not' again this week (join in!) because a lot of hot things have been happening this week, mainly the celebration of Lil's birthday...


Lily turns 10 today!!
Wow 10 lovely years of this fab, gorgeous girl (I'm her mum ! I can gush all I like, it's in the hand book, rule no 5, Always gush about how totally amazing your kids are in a very proud dramatic way...)

Lil's not a girly girl, she loves mud, running, jumping , climbing tree's and ......... fishing! ( I'm proud that she doesn't conform and is very happy and comfortable in wellies holding a fishing rod!)

My mum had this delicious cake made for Lil's party on Saturday, it was 'proper' gorgeous, soft vanilla sponge, butter cream and strawberry jam! magic!...and this was it! all that's left now are the spaghetti rods & wire lines!!

Lil's fishing party!! yep that's what she asked to do!!
12 kids, fished for two hours and they all loved it! They all caught fishes too! one caught a trout! and in their party bags were fishing licences for the year so they can go again!! Then all for fish and chips!! ( 15 children in a fish n chip restaurant cannot be recommended...that should be in the not hot section!)

and lastly on a non birthday note... watching the Robbie concert from last night at the Round house in London on my Pc while I work today...I'm not a massive Robbie fan but he's such a performer and entertainer that I'm really looking forward to watching it here.


Wondering where the heck the last decade has gone...

from this little blob of gorgeousness, to....
... this big blob of gorgeousness! ( Lil's eye's are all watering because I was making her laugh...not because she has me for a mum...honest!)

I can't believe Lil's 10, I feel robbed. Where's it all gone? I want it all back again and someone to press the pause button for a moment.
Lil's sooo happy to be 10 & 'more grown up' and I just want to slow it all down a little!
You love 'em so much it hurts it's like a sadness/ happiness & bursting with proud-ness all at once!... ooooo I'll shut up now, I'm not in a very articulate mood (GCSE English'll not surprise you to know!!)

So Yeah, Happy Birthday Lil! XXXX

and lastly...squeezing into skinny black jeans this morning after eating too much cake, muffin top here I come!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


We have embarked on a DIY project....we had to!... as the walls were suffering from bad condensation and had to be treated.

We're not very good at juggling DIY projects with family life and full time jobs etc and they tend to drag out rather a long time.... still I'm being positive and Chris reassures me that this room will be done complete with Christmas tree, chestnuts on the log burner and Chris propped up against the mantle in a Val Doooonican stylie - snow flake jumper , holding a Sloe Gin.....for Christmas.....mmmmm.....I'm not holding my breath! (although I know they'll be Sloe Gin involved no matter what state the front room's in!!)
No, my positiveness lies in the realistic zone of no expectations then I wont be disappointed!

So I've been looking at housey bits when I get a mo, and I've been looking at soft furnishings, here are my fave cushions...

Sanderson Dandelion Clock Cushion, Aqua from John Lewis

Donna Wilson Owl Cushion, Green from John Lewis

Becky Bird Cushion, Yellow from John Lewis

POM POM Cushion - peony green from V for Violet

(My talented friend Tanya from V for Violet is making me a few cushions from some fabric I bought from Oxfam, I'll show you when I get them!)

Patterned Bird from Sukie


Oh this little chap is my fave, and I've been trying to get hold of him here in the UK but haven't found him yet, the shipping from America seems too steep so my search continues! I love Thomas Paul cushions ( and plates!) and this one is gorgeous!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Boys and sticks...

I had a shock when I found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time...and then to find out babe was a boy ...... nooooo!
what was I to do with a boy? I was used to my girls, their co-ordinated organized play, sitting for hours drawing, role playing...making lists and school registers!

I uses to see boys in the playground charging around screaming, coats over their shoulders bat man stylie belting the poo out of each other with their lunch boxes! noooo I don't want one of those!!

All my friends with boys would say, "Oh boys are soooo loving, you'll love having a boy".....
And it's true! I do, I love the differences, wonderful!!

One of the lessons I've learnt about boys are that they are magnetized to sticks, we can't go on any walk with out a stick being involved.... it's either a ninja weapon, a gun, a sword or a Harry potter flying broom...

I always said I would never buy Sonny a toy gun.... but I didn't need to a stick is one...a ruler.... rolled up paper, it's a boy thing! My friend's son once bit his morning toast into the shape of a gun and started shooting it over the breakfast bar!!! Boy's eh!!

My place and yours

I'm joining in with Meet me at Mike's Saturday meme 'My place & Yours' which I found through Loobylu. I love the community-ness of the meme's I join in with and the creative inspiration I gain from them. This weeks theme is on my shelf..... oooo all my shelves are a bit cluttered and dusty, this is one of my bookshelves in my studio, a collection of Alice in Wonderland books, art books, buttons for my fabric art and 2 black n white snaps of Lil and my mum and Dads wedding photo...nice lovely fab clutter!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Paloma Faith

My weekend started with staying up late to watch Paloma Faith on Jools Holland, I love her! And worth staying up for, she's just a fantastic voice! and a great character!! and her interview and 'blue's voice' with Jools is amazing!.... it's worth 10 minutes of your time!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Best place on Earth...

A bit back I told you about how my dream is to illustrate a children's book and how in my (little !) spare time I try to illustrate stories my fab friend Tanya writes and then we cross our fingers and wait tight! We've been sooooo close on numerous occasions but never quite made close yet sooo far!!

But we're not giving up!! We're going to get another one in the pipe line, and I'm a great believer in positive thinking and Persy-verance... you that Percy fella!!

Here are some illustrations I did for one of the stories, 'Best Place On Earth', about a little boy who wants to sleep anywhere but in his own bed...

upside down like a bat...

underground like a rabbit...

Curled up on a branch with a tiger...

But mummy tells him his bed is the best place on Earth!
And this little boy was my inspiration for the illustrations!!

Have a great weekend x