Sunday, 29 November 2009

Snow, belly laughs and Chimney sweeps...

After a night of trying to salsa dance ( no maracas this time!!) we woke up to our first little flurry of snow!!

Then a wonderful day Christmas shopping in York with these fab friends ( I'm sooo lucky to know them, they make me laugh so much and are the best pick me up ever! love 'em)

Ana, Amanda, (Fellow borrower) Lind, Steph, Chrissy & Jo
Thanks xxxx

And my busy weekend was finished with a fab dance show from Sky the chimney sweep
and Lil the Cha Cha expert! This will be there last dance show, Lil wants to concentrate on her Triathlon & swimming and Sky wants to do street dancing!! I don't know where they get it from!!!, oooo but as proud as a the proudest mum in proudsville!x
( ooo there's a whole lorra love this weekend!!)

So you'd think I'd be all creatively fueled and raring to get to work tomorrow!!.....but I'm just cream crackered!!
Off to watch the last episode of Early doors, Where's that Haribo?

Friday, 27 November 2009

And the winners are.....

Drum roll please.......

The first one out of the Santa hat pulled out by Lil was.....

who said....Hi Lisa,
For me the first best thing about Christmas is always (since I seem to be the first awake...a long time traight of mine...ask my mum) the first sounds of my kids waking and finding that Santa has been. Chele x

The second one out of the hat, pulled by Sonny was...

who said....Homemade custard for the pudding and being able to have champagne early in the morning!!

The third and final name pulled out of our Santa hat by Skyla was...

who said...I just love the look on the kids faces when they see the tree first thing in the morning - it is priceless.


And BIG BIG thanx to everyone who left a comment I loved reading all the best bits about Christmas sooo lovely!
And I've enjoyed doing a giveaway! fab!

I plan to do another in the new year to perk up any January blues!!

Big Thanx again xxx

Thursday, 26 November 2009

My Creative space...

My creative space is filled with lovely books as I still go on my mission of tidiness and Organisation!

The only trouble is I stop tidying and sit down and start looking at all the pictures then oooo 2 hours later and I'm still sat there surrounded by lovely books!! So slowly tidying...but happy and inspired as I do it!!

The books in the photo are (Clockwise)
This is Paris, M Sasek
This is Rome, M Sasek
This is NewYork, M Sasek
Crea tu Circo, Isidro Ferrer (From Imaginarium, Palma)
Cosas de brujas, Mariela Marabi & Gustavo Roldan ( From Imaginarium, Porta Banus)
Une grenouille rouge et un famant vert?, Svjetlan Junakovic ( bought in Lyon, France)

I have a few Chrissy pressies hanging around my studio too, ready for wrapping, I bought this for the beautiful illustration on the lid! I love the sun in the Sky. ( Bought from M&S )

See More lovely creative spaces at KOOTOYOO.

AND I've sorted my other 2 give-aways out and decided to to draw 3 names out of the Santa Hat this Friday,
so Lil will do one, then Sonny, then Sky.
This is because quite a few comments are from Australia and I was pestered that if I carried on doing the give aways up to Christmas, lovely folks in Australia wouldn't get them in time, So,
leave a comment Here now for a Christmas Giveaway as a thank you, for reading & commenting xxx

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

what's hot + Not

Hot + Not Wednesday
at Loobylu's, join in!


Our sonny's birthday yay! happy 4th birthday gorgeous!

Getting organised!

I've took the week off in an effort tidy/catch up/ shop and generally get ready for Christmas!! Which means I've sorted and put mounts on the fabric arts I've done and listed them in my Etsy shop, better there than gathering dust on my drawing board!! So yeah big sort out and it feels good!

I love this blog so positive and happy!

So I'm doing a couple of Christmas giveaways on the run up to Christmas as a thanks for reading, commenting and giving me a boost on my freelance solitary days, thank you! Also to get into the Christmas spirit!

( Leave a comment here for a chance to win!)
oooo hard sell but just want you to win!

Still belly laughing at Early Doors genius, love it love it love it!

Our front room starting to take shape! ( will show photo's soon but too dark to take now!)

Getting hold of tickets for Peter Kaye's stand up shows in Manchester next April...our Chrissy pressie to each other...eeeee the gift of laughter!!

Going out with Chris and friends for a Jazz night! time to shake my maraca's again!!

Christmas shopping in York on Saturday with my mates..... hopefully not hung over from the night before!


the mad rain and wind!

It blew over our little Eucalyptus tree over! And there's been terrible flooding again in some parts of the country, not hot.

Boiler man no 5 coming to try and get our 'ole boiler going!

My mate Nickie moving away, will miss her! but having a laugh & cake ( big triple victoria sponge!!) before she goes, and shaking maraca's with her on Friday!!

Join in at Loobylu's
do a giveaway at Meet me at Mikes
leave a comment for a chance to win!

phew! and after that make yourself a brew you deserve it!x

'Lil Sonny Sky book of the week...

The Princess and the Pea adapted and illustrated by Lauren Child and photographed by Polly Borland is beautiful, clever and quirky. It's a combination of illustrations placed in beautiful miniature sets, then photographed, the result is very atmospheric and enchanting.

We took the kids last year to an exhibition of these little sets from this book at the fantastic Manchester City Art Gallery ( which is very family friendly and a favourite place to visit for us!) they were fantastic, the detail was amazing so inspiring , Sky was especially fascinated by how they'd made the little sets. The text is in the fab funny style of Lauren Child so this is a great read as well as lovely to look at!
To see past 'Lil Sonny Sky book recommendations click here! happy reading!

Also a wee reminder about the Christmas give away I'm doing of cards & prints, leave your comments at this post! good luckx

Monday, 23 November 2009

Monday Christmas give-away !!

The Give-away is now closed, Thanx so so much everyone for commenting and see here for the winners!!

Because I love Christmas and
Because I want to say thank you for stopping by my 'Lil blog and commenting and
Because I wanted to spread a little pre-Christmas cheer, and start getting into the spirit of Christmas!

So here is a little Christmas goody bag I've made up...

some things can be seen more close up here, here and here...

The Haribo is for an emergency energy boost if you're feeling exhausted ( it helps if you wash them down with a full fat coke) OR for those with little ones as a bribe whilst out Christmas shopping.

All you have to do is tell us what's the best thing about Christmas for you in the comment box.
On Friday 'Lil will draw the winner out of a Santa hat, then I'll send the Christmas give-away to you as fast as I can!

This is the first of three on the run up to Christmas so there's more chance to win a freebie!

OK, I'll start, The best thing about Christmas for me is cozy-ing up with all my kids and my better half on the sofa, with the log fire going, lights low, Christmas tree twinkling and scrooge on the TV ( preferably the Muppet one, but I'm easy we have 6 versions!!) glass of something warming in one hand and chox/mince pie/ nuts and cracker all at arms length, magic!

what's the best thing about Christmas for you?

Saturday, 21 November 2009

My place & yours : My collection

Alice in Wonderland books!

I don't know how many I have and I don't really go out of my way to buy them, just as and when I come across them!
I love the story and the imagery and how each illustrator has a different take on the words.

This is one of my oldest, 1914, I love the advertising in the opening pages for shredded suet and boot polish!

See more lovely collections at Meet me at Mikes!

Friday, 20 November 2009

the future?....

My Sonny's just turned 4 ( granted, he looks at least 6, he's a big lad, it's all the Yorkshire pudding... and fresh air!) but I always think how mad and fast everything is going , especially technology, and if it amazes me now... constantly, what's it going to be like when Son's my age? He's already a whizz on my mac, it's part of his everyday life, at 4.

Chris came back from a conference and showed me this, I know it's advertising, but wow, lets hope the next generation put it to some good, I mean real GOOD, not just business and money making or war good.

And fingers crossed I'm bringing mine up right to do that, ... Yorkshire pudding 'an all!!

Happy birthday bubs!




4th birthday
my happy gorgeous boy! xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 19 November 2009


My little 'Sweet dreams' owl made Printsy this week!

My creative space...

My desk started looking like this, as the back page stamps dried on my screen printed Christmas cards,

Then like this, (sorry for funny angle on photo!) as I sorted out loose ends, putting screen prints in my Etsy shop and generally sorting before I start a new project...

A fabric art I finished 'High on life' and then some sheets of fabric copy paper from here as I plan to sew my little butterflys on some photographs I took last summer on walks with the kids...

These are the photo's I've transfered onto fabric and plan to sew on as a little experiment!

See more creative spaces at the lovely Kootoyoo.
Also, I plan to do a screen print Christmas give away this monday, so call back for a chance to win a Christmas pressie from 'Lil Sonny Sky!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

rather nice...

Just wanted to share this tumblelog I follow for 'housey' inspiration called Rather nice...and it is!

'Lil Sonny Sky book of the week...

The story of Cherry the pig by Utako Yamada (Check out her website and her blog, it's all in Japanese but is visually inspirational) We love this book because of it's encouraging story and beautiful illustrations.

The colouring is so warm ... just what we need on these wet cold nights! I also love the energy and movement in the strokes in these illustrsations they're very happy! well worth a look.

What's Hot & What's Not

What's Hot & what's not from Loobylu, join in!

I'm going to start with Not this week and then end on a high!


The rain...

rain, rain, and ooooo just a bit more rain.
I've been holding the fort on my own this week, Chris is away with work so I've had to do all the taxi-ing on my own in the pouring rain!
And the storm that hit our house in the middle of the night was horrid, I thought our house was going whizz up in the Sky, like in The Wizard of Oz! Lil & Son came to sleep with me, ( Sky can sleep through anything!)

Car braking down in the pouring rain on Monday, just after Chris left...sorting the kids out to school, going to the garage and being £225.00 lighter...ooooo great.

Being a Taxi to children who have such great social lives!

The rain.


Planning Christmas (oooo I love Christmas) and going screen printing to print these card designs up.

Snuggling up with my kids listening to the pouring rain on the velux above our bed nice and cozy.

Reading with Sky last night and being very proud at listening to her get better and better.

Being in a crowded nursery cloak room sheltering from the rain with all the other Mums & Dads and Sonny coming out and saying " Mummy, I love you" All the Mums went Awwwwww! (He's such a charmer, can wind me around his little finger!)
felt sorry for the mum whose child's first words were " Mummy I've had an accident " and passed her a carrier of wet clothes!

more Hot n Nots at Loobylu.

Monday, 16 November 2009

a few snaps at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park...

I took he kids back to the YSP to have another look at the Rob Ryan exhibition in the day time. The weather was not good, a bit too wet, but in between the down pours we managed to take some snaps...

Fab afternoon despite the weather, and I treated myself to the Rob Ryan book which accompanies the exhibition, the photographs are wonderful by Jonty Wild well worth treating yourself.