Sunday, 31 January 2010

Short back and sides...

The head pets got the better of me, so as soon as I couldn't find any more I took Sonny down to the barbers.

I wish I'd had my camera with me, I normally do but I'd left it by my mac, but he looked great sat in the barbers chair on a special booster with the cape on.

" So what are we doing then?" the barber asked, and the words..."short, back and sides" left my lips.
I never thought I'd cut my little boys hair short, his gorgeous baby blond locks, but the thought of zapping nits...then counting their legs in the magnifying bug jar made those words come out,

he walked into the barbers a baby boy...

and walked out a lad!
And look at those taxi doors! he has ears! and they glow up in the sun!! he has the biggest caw-flick at the front too,
but, all in all, we love the new look Sonny!

eeee .... butter wouldn't melt!!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Fab friday!

When this comes on the CD player, Lil, Sonny, Sky and me dance around the kitchen like loonies, it's a good feel good get it out of your system be silly track!
Have a great weekend and do your thang!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

My creative space...

The inspirational Kootoyoo is back with My creative space sharing creative spaces from all around the world and the passion, imagination and wonder on them! Join in!

My creative space has been a big clear up, packaging and cello wrapping all spare prints, a 2010 spring clean, sorting out the old to make way for the new!

It's for the WYPW ( where I go screen printing) January sale where all members clear out their drawers and have the opportunity to sell work at a reduced price to make way for new creations!

If you're in the Mirfield area on Friday, Saturday or Sunday pop in, they'll be all kinds of hand created prints from lino cuts to etchings, well worth bagging a bargain and supporting local artists.

It's been quite therapeutic for me as I haven't even been screen printing a year , so when all my screen printing work is collected together I'm amazed at how much I've managed to do in spare time between work and family, very uplifting!

And now I'm going to spend a sneaky hour working on the colour separations on these new screen prints I'm going into the studio to do next week.

The heads are very seed or egg like which maybe is a sign I'm ready for spring now, light mornings, light nights and some spring green and fresh yellows! I might call these my spring girls...well it's better than egg heads!!
Have a look at some more creative spaces!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Textile Tuesday!....

Ok I know it's Wednesday, but I was featured on this lovely blog Shecological : I have an idea! for the post Textile Tuesday! So thank you Sheila! for featuring my Love Bird fabric art. Check out the last Textile Tuesday on Zips! I love zips....don't know why?! well I think it's because something so ordinary and every day can be made into something beautiful, so this is very inspirational to me!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week

I found this book via Beth Gunnell's lovely blog Beth doodles, when she wrote this post.
A Walk in New York by Salvatore Rubbino, is about a dad and his son's day out in New York.

The illustrations are wonderful, in a muted colour palette and have a busy energy about them...just like New York!
They remind me of two of my hero's, Quentin Blake and Miroslav Sasek ( who also created a book on new York, 'This is New York')

So far I've read this book to Sonny and Skyla and they loved people watching, lots of clever details, this teemed with lots of little facts scattered around the illustrations such as
" The library lions are called PATIENCE and FORTITUDE. They're made of pink marble from Tennessee."

"Only dogs you can carry (not including hot dogs!) are allowed inside Macy's store."

We have a special interest in all things New York. Chris and I went there the year before Lil was born.

We saved up all year to go and flew in December to get the Christmas atmosphere, IT WAS FANTASTIC!
One of the best places I've ever visited.
We planned a busy schedule to fit everything in and got an early morning call not waste much time sleeping. On the last day when we got the call and I jumped out of bed and my legs gave way underneath me and I fell flat onto the floor in a slap stick stylie! Chris couldn't stop laughing!

Anyways, I promised I'd take the kids there for my 40th so we now have a 2 year saving plan. A £1000 savings tube, only £1 & £2 coins are allowed in and paper money, not monopoly! The girls have put tooth fairy monies in, Christmas monies in and sold show tickets (to us) and put on a dance show to Avril Lavine! while the monies went to the New York fund!

This book is a great insight and reference for the kids.....eeeee can't wait to take them!!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Happy Burns night!!

Yesterday we had a celebration to Rabbie Burns with lovely friends, eating haggis (tastes great even though it's based on a dare!) , neeps, tatties and stovies, all washed down with a wee dram!
We piped in the haggis, then addressed the haggis in our bestest Scottish accents, then toasted the haggis with a Scottish whiskey then ate the haggis! whilst listening to Andy Stuart, Rod stuart, The Proclamers and Wings, 'Mull of Kintyre'!! it was a fun afternoon , so to anyone who's having a Burns night today

"Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o the puddin'-race! " Address to a Haggis Rabbie Burns

So after a great day yesterday it was hard to get out of my cosy bed on this dull grey Monday!
...but I was cheered up by the fact I've had an interview I did last year for Printsy published! I always feel a little uncomfortable about being interviewed, I try and think of something windswept and interesting to say but always end up sounding a bit of a numpty!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Lily Bee...

A while ago I did this post on my aspirations of becoming a children's picture book illustrator and the book Lily Bee that my friend Tanya wrote and I illustrated.

Well the other day I decided to have a go at creating Lily Bee in felt as a fabric illustration, I sketched it out and used some fabric I printed a photo onto of some dog roses in the summer....

I wasn't happy with it, it was too graphic, too planned and didn't have the character that the rough pencil sketch had, because of my commercial background I find it really hard just to draw and create for me, without trying to please a marketing criteria! So I discarded this and started just snipping at the remnants that were left on my desk ,

a very organic process started, almost childlike, it didn't matter what the outcome was I was just enjoying the process of making something out of the bits on my desk and ended up with this...

...a Lily Bee collecting pollen beads!

I loved creating this illustration, and think I have got my Lily Bee character!
I'm going to work on some more, and animate her into different situations? What do you think? Would love to know which you prefer and if you've ever just created anything almost by accident!?

Thursday, 21 January 2010

hearts for Haiti

Etsy shops have united to help the people of Haiti.

I have donated the above print to the Hearts for Haiti shop, ( which I found via Kickcan & Conkers)
And my friend Tanya has donated this handmade beautiful button bracelet to Craft Hope for Haiti.

Check out both shops, buy, donate and do your bit, every little bit helps.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I love doodling faces and I sketch and doodle a lot, especially before I go to bed - when everyone is safely in bed....and the house has suddenly become calm!)

I was looking at some girls faces I'd doodled a while back using shapes and being inspired by a back grounds book I bought from The Dover Book Shop, which has some fantastic copyright free reference books. I decided to get my coloured pencils and trace pad out and work on these doodles further, experiment with colour and develop them for screen printing next month. So here are a few...

What do you think?

I think if I limit the colours to 2 to 3 and use the textures in the back ground book they will look good as screen prints....even fabric art with felt and thick black/blue embroidery thread.

I'd be really interested in what you think, and I'll show the results next month when I get into the screen printing permitting!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

'Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

...well last week actually! With all the snow and ice disruption we read lots of picture books , but this was Sonny's fave, Man on the Moon ( a day in the life of Bob) by Simon Barton. published by templar.

The illustrations are amazing, bold and bright and full of detail which Sonny loved, especially finding the aliens in each picture and the twist at the end as Bob is blissfully unaware of the aliens!!

I like the idea of Bob vac-ing up all the litter left behind by astronauts!
After we read the book we used it to inspire us to create our own aliens with play dough, pens & paper and collage...too many to show you...

We listened to the audio CD that came with the book to carry on inspiring us as we drew, read by Simon Bartram.
The kids loved this alien morning and I love how a picture book can inspire and spark off new creations and role play....guess who had to be the alien with a wobbly eye bindi stuck to her forehead!

More fab books of the week here.

Monday, 18 January 2010

love ya...

A pressie from me to my Lil, Sonny & Sky, I'm going to frame it and put it in our newly painted landing.

melt down...

All the snow and ice has disappeared!
...and after a lovely couple of weeks of extended holidays, baking, painting, chalking, playing schools, pirates and milk floats ( don't ask!) making laser guns with pop bottles , sticky tape and buttons - ( I liked this game with Agent Lil 0010, Agent Son 004, Agent Sky 007 and Agent Mum 0038.....not so keen on my title though!)

So yeah after all this, we're back to normality ( well as normal as it can get in our house! )

The kids are all at school.....ok a weeks work to catch up on which was made harder as I've had no Internet connection Since Thursday night!

So when I did log on ( I always think this sounds very wrong)
I found out I was awarded a sunshine blog award! by my fab talented friend Tanya at V for Violet!
Wow Thank you!

I now have to pick 12 blogs I love and award them the sunshine blog award, which is impossible, I can't! I love so many for so many different reasons, - inspiration, sewing, crafting, children's books, printing, painting, ......oooooo I didn't realise how many blogs I read!!!

So I award this to all the blogs in my side bar, all the blogs in my book marks ( lots!) and all the fab blogs that have left comments on my blog, And massive thanks to Tanya for nominating me! I'm honored!xx So feel free to take this award and paste on your blog as a bit of sunshine from Lil Sonny Sky x

I Also want to say a massive thanks to our wonderful friends Ana & Rich, who had all 3 of our children for a sleep over on Saturday night! the first time in....well ....years!!
We had a lovely child free 24 hours! we were able to finish conversations, make cups of tea and actually drink them all and not leave them to go cold, go out for a meal and not have to take some one to the toilet or play hang man ( Chris is fully toilet trained now and is rubbish at hang man!) and yeah, just appreciate a bit of space, Thank you fab lovely special friends xxx

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


The big freeze continues, after lots of thawing yesterday, it dropped to -3 last night so we woke up to roads that are black sheet ice and everything covered in smooth shiny lethal glassy ice!

Not good, schools closed again, too dangerous to drive to, so I'm playing scools at home again!

The good news is, I'm featured on this weeks Printsy! fab!....I mean cool! fact freezing!
Anyone reading who's suffering with the ice and lack of grit, please stay safe and warm x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I was doing some research for work today on the wonderful ( heaven sent) Print & pattern site and found one of my Christmas cards from my Etsy shop on there! wow, flattered! fab!

And I've also opened a Folksy shop, a UK version of Etsy, so double fab!


( Is 'fab' a really un cool 30 something mumsy thing to say? I say it a lot, Lil says 'awsome', 'cool' and 'wicked' so I'm ok to have my words of 'fab', 'ace' and 'brill!'....arn't I? )

Monday, 11 January 2010


Eeeee, it's like living in a winter wonderland, every thing feels like it's in slow motion.... including me!

I can't seem to get back into gear, still feels like the hols, another day off school today for the kids, the roads were just too bad.
I still managed to work though... I used Space Chimps and the last selection box as my trump card to keep them quiet for a while ( in between street dancing to Pixie Lot, building castle dens and playing schools!!)

the snow makes everything so pretty,

Castle den with a giant having tea!

And yes I have cut Sonny's hair...I did the really bad mum thing, grabbing the kitchen scissors and just snipping till it looked looks like a lego man clip on wig!
well we've had a rather large plague of head pets ( well nits, but head pets sounds much better for little ones, my friend told me that)
It's Skyla they love best, her hairs like Disney land for the head pets! I sat her in the bath and pulled out over a hundred... and I'm not convinced they've all gone! ( ooo why do you start scratching your head as soon as you mension head pets?!) We're conditioning every other night...such a when will it end! the little blighters!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Christmas treats...

I thought I'd share some lovely Christmas pressies we received! how lucky are we!
above is a needle case made by friend Geraldine at Made at Green View, with gorgeous Mark Hearld fabric.

The kids bought me some silver bells! with sweet little silver birds perched at the top!

My good friend Tanya bought me this fab screen print, can't wait to put it up in my studio!

My friend Steph bought me this beautiful necklace,

my 'ole mate Jack!

Sonny bought Chris this wonderful print by the fab Ed Boxall, it's very very Sonny and Chris x

and Mum & Dad got me this fantastic reference book, where there's some lovely work in by one of my fave artists Rob Ryan.

Thank you for all the love and thought gone into our gifts, too many to show, we do feel very lucky, hope you liked yours xx