Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My Creative head space, Marrakech Souks...

The souks is the market neighbourhood of Marrakech, where I spent most of my time. It's broken up into districts, leather, iron, food, clothing etc.

The sounds, smells and sights were amazing, again the photo's don't give the experience any justice at all.
Here is where I bartered, quite well considering my pants French, especially when I wanted to buy Lil some Moroccan slippers and said in my bestest french that they were for my wife age ten, at which he looked at my friend Al (presuming she was said wife!) and continued to barter with me while Al killed herself laughing and he just thought all these English folk are balmy but " I will give you good good price"

The shafts of light pouring through the rafters on the roof cast stripes of light onto the stalls.

Why you would need a woolly hat in the heat is beyond me, but I thought they looked so colourful all stacked up on each other.

Marrakech's equivalent of Steptoe & Son's! I wanted to rub one of the lamps to see if a Genie would appear....but I didn't...obviously that would have been silly. (only when no one was looking!)

AAAW was I really there!?
It seems mad now that I'm back and the weathers taken a turn for the worst, snowing badly in Scotland and northern England and it's already tried to snow here this morning!
Thank goodness for photo's!
Only a few left to show you then I'll bore you no more!!
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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Marrakech tiles...

The photo's just don't give these tiles justice at all, but they were all very beautiful and very inspirational to me for screen printing, decoration and backgrounds, and they brighten up every corner!

Marrakech doors & windows!

This was the doorway to our room in the Riad!
Marrakech is full of beautifully ormate doorways and windows, I had door evnvy! can you imagine having a huge big wooden double door as the entrance to your home?
(I could show you lots!.....told you I'd be a holiday bore! but I really did fall in love with the city!)

Monday, 29 March 2010

Amazing Marrakech!!

Oh wow!

I've been blown away by how amaaaaaazingly fab Marrakech is, I can't believe I've been!

It's everything I expected it to be and then some,
I'm not kidding when I say it was like being on the set of Indiana Jones!
I felt like a little kid so naive, scared, excited, in ore and that I'd just flown to another world and I love every blinking Minute of it!

We had such a laugh too...mainly at my expense!
The first day we came out into the court yard for breakfast, there were tortoises crawling on the floor which I hadn't noticed and then let out a yelp of shock when I saw them which stopped everyone in there tracks...all eyes on me!
Al was just laughing, then the waiter came over to see if I'm ok.
Now, everyone speaks french in Marrakech and my year 3 french is very rusty to say the least, so I said to the waiter when he came over,

" OOOOOOOOoooo tortoise!, Hola! Hola, j'ai ma'pelle tortoise? j'ai ma 'pelle tortoise George? j'ai ma' pelle tortoise Fred?"

...he looked at me like I was mad, My friend Al whose french is considerably better than mine was crying laughing trying to catch her breath and French guests were sniggering into their breakfast!
I'd said Hello in Spanish followed by " my name is tortoise, my name is tortoise George? my name is tortoise Fred?"

.....and that's just a small example of how the laughter started on the holiday!! ( how embarrassing!!....more to follow!)

But yeah, I'm going to bore you this week with photo's that just don't give it justice at all!

You need the noises , snake charmers trumpets, prayers out on loud speakers from the Mosques (which first stars at 5 every morning!) people haggling and bartering.
The strong smells of Jasmine, joss sticks, spices and leather and the gorgeous sunshine on your skin. ( which quite frankly after the winter we've had and just generally living in Yorkshire which has 6 weeks of sunshine a year...if you're lucky , is total heaven)
ooooooh it was wonderful! Such a tonic, Can't wait to share more photo's. If you're ever thinking of going DO! it's ace, I'll stop gushing now...but it was soooo fab, an amazing experience I want to repeate, just what the doctor ordered!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

my creative space...

I've been creatively packing for my trip to Marrakesh tomorrow. I can't believe I'm going! I'm going with my friend Al, we booked it last summer after a glass or too of the vino and whiz it's here!

Can't believe!

We wanted to do something special together to celebrate turning 40, then we said "sod it, why wait till we're 40!"
So it's a pre 40th celebration by a year and a and the half's important!

Sonny suggested I take his laser gun to protect me from baddies when he's not around, aaw bless, but I haven't packed it, didn't think it would go down well in my luggage at the airport!
But, I do have my passport!, pencil case and new sketch book. so hopefully I will get inspired in what's supposed to be a beautiful inspiring city, and hopefully I'll be able to show you what's created from it in future creative spaces!

I'm sooooo giddy can't wait!

Will bore you with photo's when I get back Monday.
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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

Edward's First day at School by Rosemary Wells, published by Walker Books, is part of a series ( Edward the unready) of books for little ones about not being quite ready for situations away from mum and dad. What's lovely about these books is they give a strong message of it's ok not to be ready for the change because everyone is ready at different times. There can be a lot of pressure on little ones to fit in and school can seem a scary place!

Sonny loves this book even though he is now very settled in nursery and he really related to little Edward.

We love studying the illustrations, and sonny recognised they were the same style as Max and Ruby and Timothy goes to school, which he sometimes watches on Nick Jr.

Rosemary Wells is a classic children's book illustrator whose work is beautifully stylised, it has a warm and gentle humour which my children love. It's amazing how much work she has done in her career and the style and subject matter never seems to date.
Check out more at Rosemary Wells website, lots of inspiration for illustrators, wonderful!

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