Friday, 28 January 2011

fab Friday...

(This print was in this lovely treasury that reminds me of sherbet Pips! remember those!)

Three fab things to do today....

1.   If you're in West Yorkshire and passing near Mirfield call in at the WYPW,
in the gallery today, tomorrow and Sunday there is a January sale, where all members sell hand made prints, cards, jewelry & textiles. 
Some of my prints and cards will be there along  with lovely work by...

 Claire Caulfield ( the lovely lady who taught me how to screen print!)

Emma Lawrenson who won the Flourish award for fab printing work,

and loads more very talented printers, so grab a piece of original art! (The Gallery times are on the website)

2. watch this, lovely lovely lady, a true inspiration :) Judith Kerr at the Guardian here. (after the Adele advert!)

3. and talking about Adele, another lovely lady, if you're a big fan like me watch this live lounge at Radio One here. Totally amazing! She has such an ace voice and a fab personality to match:) ( I wept a tear at the second song... I am a big softie though and very hormonal at the min!!)

now I'm off to play nurse to my little boy who's sick with a nasty tummy bug going around school (there's 16 off in Lil's class as well as the teacher!!) So it's 'Kung Foo Panda', picture books and cuddles!

Stay healthy and have a wonderful weekend!:)

Thursday, 27 January 2011

You're Pear-fect!

Newly screen printed 'you're Pear-fect' cards in time for Valentines:)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Robbie Burns...

We have a wee Burns supper every year and this year we had it on Sunday. 

Today is actually Robert Burns' Birthday.

We had a fun time with fab friends, 
there was haggis, neeps & tatties, short bread, Cranachan, and whisky cake. 
A wee dram when the lads did the ode to the haggis... in dodgy but funny Scottish accents,
 more whisky for the toast to the lasses...
and then more for the toast to the lads... 
which was a funny limerick made up quickly by lovely Janet that went something like....

raise ya wee glass to the lads
as wild as the heather
and brave of heart,
but watch they don't eat too much haggis
otherwise they're just gonna fart!!

yes, it was a classy doo, 
as 18 kids ran round the house high on Iron Bru and mac-rocky-road! while the adults made up cheeky poems, hid their haggis in plant pots and drank whisky!

Chris had set the ipod to play Rod Stuart, Bagpipe music and the Proclaimers.... but Skyla was having none of it and took it into her bedroom to have a disco to Pixie Lott!... thank goodness really, I think there's only so much "I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more" a girl can take!

Happy Burns night to anyone celebrating, hope you have a laff and don't eat too much haggis or else!

Monday, 24 January 2011

School loo's update... week 4

I worked a half day on the loo's today and finished these little fish!
Here's past weeks progress.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

New years resolution....

I don't usually make New Years resolutions, if I do usually they're broken within the first week, like...

"I will not buy a packet of Munchies every time I fill the car up with petrol"
......mmmm does buying a Crunchie count?

But this year I said to myself, wouldn't it be great if you could draw a portrait every month, something for myself, self indulgent, just drawing for me and if it doesn't turn out quite right it doesn't matter, it's all good, it's all practice! I love drawing portraits. I can't do them from life... I dare not try? So I draw them from photo's.

I've drawn lots of portraits in the past, I love drawing faces, I love studying faces when people talk to me.... some times I haven't quite heard what they've said for looking at the colour of their eye's or the hairs on their chin,
( some of the women round here really do need to shave!! ha ha  only joking of course!!)
 Here is some past work, here and here!

I visited the National Portrait Gallery in London once, went down on the train on my own and absolutely loved it! I lost myself in those amazing portraits and the stories behind them and didn't want to come home.

So, this is January's, ' Sonny with chunky Lego'. 
I drew and painted it last night whilst drinking wine and listening to Chris put the kids to bed! 
Now I'm excited to do February's..... maybe the wine helps?!!
Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have 12 portraits, fingers crossed this is a resolution I can keep....well there's a good chance as it doesn't involve chocolate!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Fab Friday

I screen printed some valentines/ i love you / thanks for being fab cards yesterday, 
which are here and here :)
I wonder if she's thinking "fwaaar, he's a bit of alright I'll act all shy and coy"
or " I hope this bird doesn't sh*t on my head!"
Don't think it's the latter, although my lovely gran always says "sh*t and luck!", and made me pick her numbers for her pools coupons when a bird pooed on my duffel coat when I was a kid ( not the other day!!)..... I didn't feel very lucky......and the numbers didn't come up as far as I remember!
On that lovely vision.....Have a fabulous weekend:)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

 Started my screen print today!
The Charmer... she could charm the birds out of the tree's!
will finish the last 3 colours next week:)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

love is in the air...

a couple of designs I did last year for Camden Graphics for this Valentines day,
the text has been printed in lovely black flitter!
let me know if you see then out and about:)

Monday, 17 January 2011

School loo's update... week 3

Today I spent another day in the school loo's!....eeee my glamorous life, it's life in the fast lane with me!
These are the photo's I took just before school finished!
I'm enjoying painting on the wall, makes a change from paper but it's not easy, I'm getting a little bit better each time I do a day. I suppose it's like anything else, the more you practice the better you get!!

This talented lady makes it look sooooooo easy!!
And maybe I should be painting pictures from this fab book instead!!
This is past loo progress!! ( oooo bet you don't hear that often!!)

Hope you've had a good start to your week :)

Friday, 14 January 2011

a glimpse into the future...

I've posted this before, but I thought it was definitely worth sharing again after the last post about kids and technology.
Sonny's first words when he got into the car after school was 
"it's not a 'no screens day' today is it Mummy?" 
and when I said, no, he punched the air and said 
that wasn't what I had in mind!
But he knows no different, and when you watch this film you can see how amazing it must be to be a part of the changes.
Have an excellent weekend!:)
by Skyla.... drawn on the computer!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

'Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

I've just finished reading this old very well loved book to Sonny, for the millionth time, 11 years of reading this book!
I remember there was a point I could read it with my eye's shut! 
Owl Babies by Martin Waddell who wrote so many of our other faves like 'Farmer Duck', 'Can't you sleep little bear' and 'Pig in the Pond' ( I bet every child's book case has at least one Marin Waddell book in it! ) Illustrated by Patrick Benson who has such a beautiful sensitive textured pen and ink style, so atmospheric, he also illustrated these books, lovely!

When we read it we replace the names of the 3 owls from Sarah, Percy and Bill to Lily, Skyla and Sonny which Sonny especially loves and really relates the book as our family. 

This is a beautiful timeless Classic, which all my kids have loved and still love.
Have a look at more books of the week here.
You see,
I think it's important to champion children's picture books in this generation of computer screens, DSI, mobile phone's, ipod, all amazing and exciting and part of my children's daily life. 
They are techno naturals! 
we have NO SCREENS DAY!! on a Monday and a Thursday ....Oh yes I can lay the law down!... only books, drawing, jigsaws, and games on these days! Maybe as they get older I'll be fighting a loosing battle, and I do love technology and embrace it all ( with an amazed glazed look!) 
call me 'ole fashioned, I feel modelling with play dough and routing through the big Lego box for a 
'two-er' to complete the castle are just as important as playing Super Mario and looking up Glee on 
You Tube!!

Anyways I'm waffling,
let me know if you agree:)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

learn to love your sewing machine!

My friend Geraldine at 'Made at green view' is going to run some great sewing workshops locally, to learn how to make the most of your sewing machine.... if I only had a sewing machine! I'd be there like a shot because I know those classes are going to be fun, you'll have a 'laff' and come out with something fab at the end of it!

If you live in West Yorkshire and fancy learning to get to know your sewing machine better click here for more details!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The best pick-me-up ever!

I was slogging through paper work today catching up on all I ignored over Christmas
 when this lovely e-mail was in my inbox! I love how kids make e-mails so bright and fun,
it really made my day!... what made yours?

Monday, 10 January 2011


Hope you had a great weekend!

Last year I painted the above design and screen printed the design below for Marks and Spencer blank card range. These designs have been made into a 'Keepsake' card with a board mount so the card is ready to frame! great!! 

Unfortunately my name & bio hasn't been printed on the back which I thought it be, 
so, keep your eyes peeled for these designs in your local M&S!!

We had a wonderful time in Oxford and stayed up really late putting the world to rights and drinking sloe gin!! and Sonny found a fellow stick boy!! boys and their sticks!!
Have a great week:)

Friday, 7 January 2011

Fab Friday

I saw this on Flora's blog Happy Doodle Land  and loved it, it's amazing!
It takes a while to load up and tends to do that stop start jerky thing ( I know I know, I'm so technical, I even amaze myself) So I suggest you press play then go and make a cuppa and come back when you can watch it through without stops.
enjoy! Lil and Sky loved it!
Have a fab weekend, we're traveling down to Oxford for a belated Christmas catch up with friends... and hitting the homemade sloe-gin!! have a good one!:)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

first day back!...

Lil, Sonny & Sky are back at school today so this is my first day back in my studio, 
tidying, picking up loose ends, planning, to do list writing (one of my fave things to do... I have list of my lists! and love love love crossing finished tasks off! eeeee, small pleasures!!)

So, looking at my screen printing ideas list, I tackled the first few, planned a screen print based on the above artworks, a painting on an Aldi wooden breakfast board of Sky 
and the fabric 'Charmer'... charming the birds out of the tree's... which I'd love to say is based on me but is based on My lovely Lil ... and is going to be finished this millennium...... honest... well of course it is ... it's on a to do list!!!)
Here's the charmer screen print artworks,

and a few Valentines/luuurve  cards to print,

all ready for next Thursday.
It feel's good to be back! Hope you're having a positive creative start to your year :)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy Birthday Mum!!

My mum turns 60 tomorrow!! Wow!
She's now on a beach somewhere in the Canaries right now celebrating and not on Blackpool beach like the photo above with my Gran! (Look at my Gran's cool jumper!)

Hope it's as special as you,
much love for a fab year ahead xxxxx