Monday, 25 June 2012

Hola! a weekend of fun...

New screen print...
(Sky in the Sea)

a Sonny sugar skull...
(I can feel another screen print coming on!)

a Skyla sugar Skull...

a Lily sugar skull

the 3 amigo's including a dodgey Frida Kahlo for...

my lovely friend Rachel's fab Mexican 40th party!
( Rachel is very gorgeous, but I did take her to one side for an honest chat about the wonders of waxing:))
Margarita's, taco's, chilli's and sugar skulls and lovely friends,
Fab time was had by all! Thanks for an ace party x

... and the final piece for Holmfirth art week starting next Sunday!
phew, another busy one! 
not to mention skyla and friends street dancing in Huddersfield for the olympic torch! 
Hope you had a fabulous weekend too:)

Friday, 22 June 2012

Fathers Day

Fathers day was spent at Runswick Bay, our fave little seaside town, for pub lunch fossil hunting, crabbing and family cricket on the beach!

Look at that black cloud! It's a belter! and despite it being there it stayed mild and dry all day  yay! British summer weather at it's best!!

 And here's my second fabric art collage for the Holmfirth art week inspired by family times on Runswick bay! This is called Fossil hunting in Cat jumper.

If the sunshine won't come to you, you can create your own sunshine!

Family cricket is always fun, here's my mum in action just about to belt a sixer!!

We had a fab fathers Day:)
Happy Fathers Day gorgeous Dad xxxx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fund raising up date...

I've so much I want to tell you!
( I can't possibly fit into one post so will show picks over the next few days!)

So much for life slowing down! I'm in 5th gear in the fast lane with my foot down, the wind in my hair and singing my anthem at the top of my voice! Skindo le le by Alive! fab!

I had a fab fund raising afternoon last Friday, 'Ladies do Lunch at Lisa's'
We had a lot of 'laffs' and raised a wonderful £446!
woooooo! fan-bloooming-tastic!

The very brilliant Lind and Chrissy doing the tombola, thanks so much xx

and Steph and Ana at the nail bar,
Thanks guys, I'm so lucky to have such amazing supportive friends I couldn't have done it without you xxx

and my wonderful friend Lorraine is going to join me up those volcanoes in Italy in September!
Brilliant! and so pleased, just perfect:)

It's a year today I was diagnosed with breast cancer,
 I can't quite truly believe a year has passed, I'll never forget the fog and numbness of being told and the fear of the unknown and future, 
but so many positive things have come from this that in a weird kind of way it's good that it happened as I feel a stronger better person for it, and extremely lucky that a year on I'm still here enjoying what life has to offer me and making the most of every minute:)
Thanks so much for your kind words and support over the past year xxx

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

on cloud 9

Is it me, or is this year on fast forward?
I don't know where the time is going, I need 36 hour days, 10 day weeks and 4 day weekends!
I'm loving all the business and loving life!

And today, whilst driving back from the framers after completing a long 'to do' list I had a flash back to when I was going through chemo and how everything was in uncertain slow motion and I suddenly really felt incredibly lucky and proud I'd got through it all! and a wave of calm in a Bob Marley 'baby don't worry 'bout a ting, cos every little ting gonna be alright' stylie came over me!
It gave me goose pimps and a glassy eye! what's that all about!
It's my age, or my medication!
I believe when you've over come some kind of hardship or upset or had to face a fear in life and come out of it all smiling you seem to view life in a pair of rose tinted specs, a new perspective, your glass is half full, and stuff that would have frustrated you in the past doesn't seem important anymore,
just go with the flow!

I'm working on 3 fabric pieces for Holmfirth Artweek,
I was going to enter the fab Umbrella prints competition, but lovely crazy business hasn't allowed me!
Check out all the entries on Pinterest,
such fab gorgeous work!

time has just passed me by,
What's that saying... something like, 'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans' 
But, I'm going with the flow, 
and using the gorgeous trimmings pack for the pieces I'm doing for Artweek. 
I love the fabric with lovely hand written words on, so lovely. I thought it would be nice as the girls hair, as though the words were her thoughts running through her head!

I also screen printed this little card this week,
inspired by this fabness!
( don't ask me how I came across this as I've no idea how my train of thought and Internet research surfing got me to this! a happy accident!

This is just so funny and lovely, 
I think these guys have those lovely rose tint's on too! in a wonderful 1950's Doris Day stylie! 

Friday, 8 June 2012

Jubilant holidays

Hope you all had a fabulous Jubilant Jubilee week!....despite our rather damp beautiful British summer weather!!

This Sunday there is the Art Market in Holmfirth, It;s a fantastic opportunity to see fantastically talented artists, textile designers, sculptors, screen printers and buy a piece of original art, well worth a visit if you're in the area!
Have a fab weekend!x