Thursday, 30 August 2012



Ahhhh how fantastic are holidays?

Eeeee, I'll tell you! Buddy fantastic!

What a whirl wind year!
Best recovery year ever! couldn't have written it better, and there's still loads of fab adventures to come!

What a great summer holiday we've been having, my evening sun dances have payed off ( mostly!)
I could bore you for days with tales of lovely holidayness, but instead I'll share some snaps... ( and hopefully not bore you!)

Sunny Norfolk, we stayed on a fab campsite in Stiffkey, and the sun shone down on us!
We rope swinged, jumped off the dunes, made sand castled,

and played in the sea.
( and guess what?  I wore a bikini! honest to goodness! Old Lisa one booby, in this country wore a bikini! I'd never of believed it if you'd told me a year ago, and I did cartwheels in the sea! I kid you not!.... ok I'm showing off now but it felt wonderful! I can recommend it! it was ace!)

This is what I'd look like if I was a super model.

Blue skies,

henna feet,

and memorable sunsets.

The kids toasted marshmallows and did fire sticks,

Norfolk was just perfect, we had a grand time with lovely friends:)

And, I was whisked off to Barnard Castle for our  wedding anniversary, and we Trekked to this beautiful valley. ( Scusey the Ken Dodd impression, minus tickling stick, I have no control over my curly short hair anymore! it goes wild!)

And more Trek training in the Lakes, such a beautiful part of the world the fells are so atmospheric.

lots of scrabble, monopoly and Napoleon playing!
I really got theses letters when we started playing! how fab is that!

Happy days!

I'm getting ready for my next adventure now! Which is going to be a bit more challenging! climbing those Italian Volcanoes!
Hope you've been having the best summer holidays too!

Friday, 3 August 2012

flower girl...

Flower girl, my new screen print,
based on my gorgeous Sky,

Cassius is settling in well!
in fact we can't quite imagine our home before him!
Me and the girls had a henna session, Sky's is still going strong!
Have a fantastic weekend x