Friday, 31 January 2014

drawing Skyla...

It's been so lovely going through old photo's of the girls this week.

I've been brushing up on my observational drawing skills using old photo's as reference.
Skyla has always ( and still is! ) been a thumb sucker! She would calmly observe all goings on behind her thumb and not react to any stressful situation, ( eg. big sister plonking rabbit ears on you and Mum taking a photos ), it would all be taken in her thumb sucking stride.

I have this gorgeous picture on my desk of Sky's eyes as she sucks her thumb,
 watching the world go by,
I wish I had a penny for them.

I'm listing a new print in my Etsy and Folksy shops of Skyla sat reading Michael Morpurgo's 'Dancing bear' in a tree on holiday in the Isle of Wight a couple of years ago. 

Sky had to read the book for summer holiday home work. 
We'd stopped for a picnic and Sky took her book into a nearby tree which had a natural reading seat in it, so I took lots of photo's for future reference which resulted in the above screen print. 

 I don't normally print so many colours but I wanted to try and capture all the texture of the tree foliage.

I love drawing my kids!

This year feels so great and exciting,
We're going to be celebrating this weekend as today marks the end of year 2 in remission! 
Fan bloody tastic!
In only 6 months time I will be at the half way point of my remission and it will be 3 years since my diagnosis, 
I'll definitely be playing my anthem,  Skindo le le by Alive on top volume as I drink a little fizz toasting to
happy days!
Have an ace weekend!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Tea Bear?.....

My girls used to role play for hours, 
tea parties, schools, mums and Dads, nurses....

I used to love peeping round the door and ear-wigging on the sweetest imaginary conversations with naughty monkeys or friendly bears.... especially when they played Mummy's and Daddy's and they would tell Daddy off for being late home from work and plate his dinner up!

Sky was the queen of the role play, every teddy had a name and she would chat happily away to them on a night doing a register and reading them stories. 
We would have to take about ten teddies out of Sky's bed on a night to make room for her so she wouldn't fall out!
To her they were truly alive with personalities and feelings.

When do you loose that wonderful confident freedom of thought and the blurred line between reality and imagination?

This is Lil serving tea to teddy, who is King of the cuddlies.

First red...


Second red.

Black screen.

I'm so inspired by my kids and their childhood,
even more so now they leaving it, especially the girls, turning into gorgeous young women,
 I couldn't be more proud.

The nostalgia of the quality time we had together when they were little, playing tea parties and schools really has had a lasting influence with me, especially what we have been through as a family over the last three years. 
There's not a day goes by where I don't feel lucky to have shared it with them and feel inspired to capture some of this in my screen prints.


Maybe though, it's like when you try to re-tell a funny scenario, and you see the blank expression on the person's face you're trying to share the joy with so you follow it up with " ahh,  maybe you just had to be there"

Monday, 20 January 2014

Happy Monday...

I've been listing some new prints and cards in my shops, Etsy & Folksy.
I think I'm going through a black and red phaze! 
Happy Mondays to all!

Friday, 17 January 2014



We're whizzing into the weekend!
have a good one!

Friday, 10 January 2014

fresh start...

... catching up, clearing out, finishing off
and starting a fresh
I love the start of a new year...

Ready to discover, explore and adventure!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

hello 2014!

to you and yours
have a fabulous year,
it's going to be ace
I can feel it in my water!