Friday, 4 July 2014

Tour De France...

Holmfirth is looking rather fabulous, 
all ready for the Tour De France riding through on Sunday.
I took a few snaps on the school run on Wednesday...

Lily and some friends are going to have a stall up on Holme Moss on the tour route, selling drinks and cakes, fund raising for their Malawi trip next year, so on Wednesday I screen printed some souvenirs for them to sell...

It's very exciting, there's such a buzz in the town and I'm expecting the atmosphere on Sunday will be amazing.
180,000 people are supposed to be arriving in Holmfirth and the figure keeps rising with each person I talk to like a fisherman's tale!
One lady said to me two million!  and followed with, " and there's only 10 toilets up on Holme Moss!"
That's a lot of people crossing their legs!

Have a happy Yorkshire Tour DE France weekend!