Friday, 29 April 2016

snowy school run...

Gorgeous school run this morning,  
even though I'm ready for some warmer weather!
May's just around the corner and its 1 degree and snowing! what's going on?

After I took these photos a little snow blizzard blew over the top of Cliff, 
and it was bloody brilliant! 
You know you're alive walking over the hills with the wind and snow in your face!

I walked past some school kids with no coats on!?? 
What is it with Yorkshire school kids who refuse to wear a coat even in icy winds and snow? 
Is it that uncool to stay dry and warm?

Call me old fashioned or a big softie but I'm not as hard core as your average 13 year old and while I was passing one kid in cotton shirt and school jumper I had on my vest, 2 pairs of socks, walking boots, 2 jumpers, bobble hat and my parker fastened to the top!

Stay lovely and warm this bank holiday weekend!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Watermark Gallery...

I'm very excited to be represented by Watermark Gallery for my Children's book illustration!
And to be alongside the incredibly talented Jane Ray and Chris mould.

How lucky am I!

Watermark Gallery are a north Yorkshire based online gallery 
set up by the lovely Liz and Richard Hawkes. 
They have some really amazing artworks available,

I feel really proud to be a part of Watermark Gallery,
it's exciting times!

Have a look at the Children's book illustration here and check out my page here,

Happy Friday!